5 Things To Help You Buy The Right Vape Pen in Canada

a vape pen with weed

Vape pens are all the rage these days as they are neat, sleek, efficient and easy to use.  Almost everyone from rock stars and celebrities to patients loves to vape and feel high. If you are new to vaping then the tough jargons like coils, tanks, sub ohm, juice, and clearomizers may confuse you in a big way. In this article, we will try to simplify the things for you and make it easier for you to buy vape pens.

#1 How Does The Vape Pen Work?

Well, most people who try vaping for the first time want to find out how does this thing work exactly. This is a simple question and we will try to give you a simple and easy answer to this one. The weed vape pen Canada is made of a tank that holds the liquid wax or concentrates. There are cotton wicks inside that help in absorbing the juice. When the device is activated, the coils within the tank are heated up and the juice slowly evaporates as you inhale the vapor.

The functioning of the vaping device largely depends upon a variety of factors such as the size of the tank, type of coils used (quartz or titanium) and much more.

#2 What Do You Prefer For Vaping – Flower or Concentrate?

The users have two different vaporizing options and they are a flower and concentrate. You may either vaporize a concentrate which is known as cannabis oil or you may directly vaporize from a flower. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a whole flower weed, you may get a pocket-size vaping device or a large one.

No more grinding the flower and rolling a join, you can directly put the bud in the tank and smoke pure vapor from the flower. If you don’t want to handle any plant material, you can choose the oil cartridge vape pens.

#3 Regulating the Dose

When you use a flower or concentrate to inhale from a vaporizer, it may often be difficult to tell how much of THC or CBD you are intaking with a single puff. Sometimes if you inhale really deep, the cannabinoids may reach your lungs in varying degrees. If you want to regulate the amount of CBD you get with each puff, you can choose to buy vaporizers called ‘bliss’, ‘sleep’ or ‘arouse’. These vape pens are designed to not let you pull the vapor to a certain degree.

#4 Choosing The Right Oil Cartridges, Batteries, And Disposable Pens

When you are buying an oil cartridge, you must ensure that it is made from stainless steel and has a ceramic core inside. Weed vape pens Canada made from low quality plastic or low-grade coil is not good for your health. The vape oil should be free of carcinogen and propylene glycol.

#5 Buy Cannabis Oil Free Of Pesticides

When buying cannabis oil in Canada, make sure you read the packaging to ensure that it does not contain pesticides. The oil made from the bottom of barrel cannabis often contains pesticides which can be harmful to your health. So, please follow this little regulation and make sure the product you choose has been lab tested so that it does not defeat the purpose of using cannabis for better …