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1639564 Alberta Inc.

Alternative or associated name: Sky Tap
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Head office: Fiske Canada


1639564 Alberta Inc. is an environmental company involved in atmospheric research and is promoting a groundbreaking technology to be developed and demonstrated as part of The Sky Tap Project. The company was established in 2011 after the successful prototype demonstrated the ability to create clouds on demand in a clear sky, a technology which has the ability to enhance the condensation and precipitation phase of the natural water cycle to provide abundant supplies of fresh water on a controlled basis. Using a unique process, the proof of concept prototype of the Cloud Master technology has shown the ability to condense atmospheric water vapour to form clouds within minutes. These clouds then rapidly grow in size as they continue to absorb water vapour. A second impact of the effect emitted from a similar device downwind will induce precipitation over a targeted area for the duration that is required to meet a specific need for fresh water.

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