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UAVs provide a cost-effective opportunity to gather essential data for precision agriculture. Areas which benefit from UAV use: – Estimation of biomass, crop growth and food quality – Fertilizer and irrigation mapping and effectiveness – Analysis of weed coverage for site-specific herbicide application – Estimates for site-specific applications of fertilizers / other chemicals – Targeted sampling – Vegetation assessment – Yield prediction – Cattle tracking – Pasture management – Inspection of infrastructure (leakage from irrigation systems, insulation of buildings, roof inspection / other management issues). Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be programmed to fly at specific speeds / altitudes, following pre-programmed GPS routes. The UAV can capture still photos or video with normal light, infrared / near-IR or thermal using specialist Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and regular HD optics. We can digitize, geo-reference and map these pictures for you. You can even watch the video stream in real time from the UAV! ShadowView – Innovating in Precision Agriculture

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