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Oasis Agrotechnology S.L

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Tel: +34 950 619 343
Fax: +34 950 619 650
Head office: Almeria, Spain

Design, development, manufacturing and installation of advanced solutions for highly intensive horticulture, with specialization in arid climate conditions. * Hydroponics. Oasis Agrotechnologies developed its own system, the NGS, patented worldwide. It is substrate-less, recirculating and applicable to all horticultural crops, indoor and outdoor. * Greenhouse Cooling. The company has developed an own system adapted to the needs of the GCC region, non-wasting water and non-dependent on ambient humidity. * Greenhouses. Design and manufacturing of customized greenhouses; specialized in arid climates. * Factory Farms. Oasis has developed different systems for the automated high yielding production of leafy crops among others. * Integrative turn-key projects. Oasis Agrotechnologies accounts with over 40 years of experience in farming, reason for which understanding of farmer«s needs is always present in the design of its solutions. Established in UAE and Qatar through strategic partnerships with local companies.

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