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Agro-geoinformatics: the new tool for food security

A shift in paradigm from landscape to farmscape for ensuring food security, sustainability and land use management

Source: ICARDA

Geospatial technologies are becoming an integral part of solving the food security equation from an integrated research and development, aid intervention and delivery programs, policy, and outreach. A recent advance in geoinformatics technology has opened new avenues for integrated agro-ecosystems research and applications. The shift in paradigm from landscape level studies to farmscape to underhand the matric of granularity within and among the small holder farming systems in a participatory and integrated agro-ecosystem approach to improve capacity and processes which leads to cross-fertilization of diverse interests and, by way of spill-overs, to the development of sustainable, imagery-based farm information services at a higher spatial scale from effective interventions to ex-ante analysis.


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