Shedding light on SMART greenhouses

Exploiting UV photobiology in global horticulture

Source: Arid Agritec Ltd

SMART plastics enable control of the spectral quality and balance of light in the greenhouse, creating the next generation of protected cropping technology. Sunlight dictates how productive our crops and also how economically important insect pests and disease pathogens (and the chemical pesticides we use to control them) function in every commercial greenhouse. Changes in the intensity of certain wavelengths can affect crop development, play a vital role in insect visual systems, and help degrade pesticides. By understanding how the full range of solar wavelengths impact commercial greenhouse processes, it has been possible to design next-generation SMART horticultural plastics that very specifically manipulate light transmission and thereby provide significant ‘added value’ to growers worldwide Arid Agritec Ltd delivers unrivalled commercial expertise and state-of-the-art technology in protected crop production in countries challenged by arid climates.

Our SMART crop covers help growers worldwide to formulate the best possible growing conditions, allowing them to better manage greenhouse temperatures whilst at the same time maximising yields and quality through intelligently designed crop cover systems. We make sure we’re always at the forefront of advances in SMART film technology by having the most advanced plant science, polymer chemistry and crop cover research and development programs in the world today.

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