Making every drop count

Resin-based foam provides a water-retaining growing medium

Source: Exeed

What can be done to reduce the growing demand for water? Technological advancements have led to several new techniques that have helped reduce water consumption. Smart farming, drip irrigation, desalination and purification are but a few examples. Water retention is the other side of the coin, where runoff water used for irrigation is held in special containers, large or small, for later use thus reducing water wastage and allowing for more efficient utilization. Conventional ways of capturing runoff water such as holding ponds and underground storage basins are quite expensive to maintain as they require mechanical systems, require open spaces and are prone to attract many diseases.

Resin-based foam could provide the solution to this problem. The shredded foam provides the perfect medium for water to be captured in volumes up to 60 per cent of that of the shredded foam. When mixed with soil as a substrate, or used on its own in hydroponics, resin based foam will slowly discharge its water content in amounts just enough to irrigate the plants with hardly any wastage.

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