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Planet Horizons Technologies SA

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Tel: +41 27 480 30 35
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Head office: Sierre, Switzerland

PHT is a Swiss-based company that is at the forefront of physical water treatment technology. Present in many economic sectors, PHT has focused in recent years on agriculture, solving problems that seemed insurmountable until now. PHT is actually present in 18 countries worldwide with its distributor network. The Aqua-4D¨ water treatment affects the behaviour of inorganic and organic materials in water. It clearly allows to improve agricultural production, water consumption, pest attacks, need for phyto-sanitary products and fertilizers. Two strong USP’s in irrigation are the possibility of irrigating with brackish water allowing cultures of saline sensitive crops and the inhibition of nematode attacks. It replaces or reduces many chemical products; productivity and quality of crop is increased. In pipe systems Aqua-4D¨ cures and prevents scaling, corrosion and bacteria development without adding chemicals to the water. It is a cleantech product which solves environmental problems and creates economic benefits.

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