281015 CNH T6 Methane Power tractor

The tractor that could change the face of sustainable farming

Source: stackyard.com Night and day for the past six months, a bright blue New Holland tractor has sat perched atop the sloping roof of the Sustainable Farm Pavilion at the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy. The alternative fuel technology powering that tractor is a promising cue towards the future of …

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Climate-smart agriculture global research agenda: scientific basis for action

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) addresses the challenge of meeting the growing demand for food, fibre and fuel, despite the changing climate and fewer opportunities for agricultural expansion on additional lands. Effective work in CSA will involve stakeholders, address governance issues, examine uncertainties, incorporate social benefits with technological change, and establish climate …

New technology helps farmers conserve fertilizer and protect their crops
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Adapt-N: solving the nitrogen problem through software

A software program from Cornell researchers aims to conserve fertilizer, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect farmers’ crops. Now the big seed companies are taking notice