Transdermal patch offers new path to cannabis commercialization

As Green Technology Solutions continues to develop solutions for the rapidly growing US cannabis industry, a new innovation is poised to transform the way adults and patients enjoy the plant’s benefits: transdermal patches.

Transdermal patches comprise a new way to consume cannabis: through the skin. Working on much the same principle as more common nicotine or birth-control patches, cannabis patches can be applied directly to various parts of the body, where they deliver a slow and controlled release of cannabinoids.

In short, the patch is a tremendous breakthrough that is already changing the way that many people incorporate cannabis into their daily regimens.

“The rise of edibles and other smokeless forms of cannabis consumption show how desperately the market needs a product like this,” says GTSO CEO, Wallace W. Browne. “The patch represents an elegant blend of horticulture and drug-delivery technology that can be used to create any number of cannabis products that are as friendly and familiar to doctors as they are to patients.”

GTSO is dedicated to bringing new product ideas such as the transdermal patch to market in regulated cannabis industries across North America. The company recently formed a joint venture with Elevated Industries – a Canada-based company poised to become a dominant supplier of cannabis-based edible recipes in the booming North American marketplace. The company creates and licenses edible recipes that are available in jurisdictions where the sale of cannabis-based products is legal.

As the global market for cannabis continues to grow, GTSO plans to keep delivering new tools such as the transdermal patch to help wholesalers and retailers guarantee their edible products’ potency, consistency and safety to their customers.

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