Technology introduced to cut drought impact


Florida-based biotechnology business Xgenex LLC has entered into a commercial agreement with microorganism innovation company AquaBella Organic Solutions. The deal covers the North American sales of AquaBella bio-enzyme water treatment and TerraBella organic sustainable soil corrective and root inoculant, that improve produce quality and increase yield in a variety of soils and climates while relieving drought pressure in hard-hit areas of North America.

AquaBella and TerraBella are sustainable natural solutions capable of enhancing plant health and promoting resistance to plant pathogens at root surfaces. The technology, developed specifically for the fruit and produce industry, creates beneficial biological activity at the plant root zone or rhizosphere to improve nutrient uptake and availability.

Benefits include enhanced conversion of nitrogen cycle compounds, improved root development, and increased resistance to plant stressors such as drought and disease. TerraBella is OMRI listed and satisfies standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be used in organic food production.

AquaBella Organic Solutions leverages sustainable food safety expertise of Xgenex as it expands market availability of its bacteria and enzyme based technology that increases food quality and quantity while minimizing water up to 20% and reducing dependence on fertilizer and pesticide.

“Through this strategic agreement with Xgenex, a company recognized by the food and beverage industry for its expertise in sustainable food safety technology, AquaBella Organic Solutions is expanding the commercial footprint of its AquaBella and TerraBella technologies to include all of North America,” said Yoni Szarvas, CEO of AquaBella Organic Solutions. “Cleaner water and more productive soil become more vital every day for maintaining a healthier planet. We formed AquaBella Organic Solutions to address that need.

“We develop and distribute products that naturally replenish nutrients in the soil, increase accessibility and uptake of nutrients and fertilizers by the roots and convert waste into useful byproducts that can be used to fertilize plants and irrigate farm fields,” added Szarvas. “Farmers are reporting that AquaBella products work better than what they ever imagined, which makes us that much more energized about being able to share them with the world.”

All Aquabella products are made with 100% organic ingredients and beneficial microorganisms; all natural, non-GMO, and non-pathogenic. Aquabella intellectual properties include optimized blends of beneficial microorganisms found in healthy soils and water to produce safer and cleaner water, strong and high-yielding crops and plants, and healthy ecosystems.

Outstanding results have been observed in commercial farms – both conventional and organic, ponds, fish and shrimp farms, aquaculture, animal waste lagoons, as well as waste-water treatment systems and home gardens both in the US and overseas.

“It’s important for the fruit and produce industry to see and evaluate this progressive technology firsthand,” said Jim Byron, CEO of Xgenex, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. “In an age of heightened transparency and sustainability in food production, fruit and vegetable producers now have another technology that demonstrates to consumers how the industry is using naturally available microorganisms that are safe and environmentally healthy to establish less resource intensive farming techniques that reduce dependence on fertilizers and pesticides.”

Organic and conventional farming operations can rely on the demonstrated benefits of AquaBella and TerraBella to significantly increase crop yields, improve fruit and vegetable quality including color and flavor, and increase crop resistance to stressors such as disease and drought. Because the product is OMRI listed for use in organic food production “without restrictions” it is a dependable solution that is attractive to consumers.

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