New technology for trout farming

AgriMarine Technologies has started an evaluation project in Ontario for a new floating trough technology for the commercial production of trout

Source: AgriMarine

AgriMarine Technologies Inc (ATI) will use the Ontario Project to test existing small scale technology and if successful, to develop and test an innovative commercial scale prototype, with the aim of developing new sites across North America. The  project will be  tested over a one-year period.

The floating troughs are currently stocked with rainbow trout with a first harvest expected during the first quarter of 2015.

ATI says the floating trough model can be deployed in smaller man-made water bodies such as rehabilitated gravel pits.

Also at ATI, the company has announced its Deep Injection O2 System, designed specifically to enhance oxygen absorption in fresh water. “Our team of engineers is extremely pleased with the new oxygenation system, which has already yielded excellent results,” said Robert Walker, President of ATI. “Our aim is to continually innovate and improve our technologies for utilisation in our own farms and also to assist our aquaculture clients worldwide to resolve the biological and ecological challenges inherent in the industry.”

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