New self-powered technology enables alert notifications

Continuing to expand its industrial Internet of Things ecosystem, manufacturer Net Irrigate has launched the xProxy remote monitoring solution. Providing continuous monitoring and real-time mobile updates on industrial machine statuses, xProxy can be easily configured to send specific, customizable messages to multiple recipients through push notifications, SMS (text), email, or voice.

Developed by the creators of WireRat—the agriculture industry’s patented copper theft alarm—xProxy offers versatility through its three-part solution comprising the complete range of machine and environmental monitoring needs: a versatile sensor, mobile app and cloud-based software platform. It is much more than an equipment monitoring device.

It provides a more modular solution for agricultural applications such as monitoring grain bin dryers, temperature, levels and power; monitoring pivot and irrigation pump pressure and power; providing security on gates, barns and panel doors; and monitoring water levels in watering troughs just as additional examples.

The simple, self-powered xProxy Link is a plug-and-play Verizon certified sensor that monitors for critical or noteworthy conditions within a machine or industrial application. About the size of a sticky note, the versatile xProxy Link features a pre-configured cellular modem which enables it to instantly connect to the xProxy Cloud and send mobile push notifications when alert conditions occur. Examples include monitoring grain bins pumping systems, field instruments and power.

The xProxy Mobile App (available for iPhone and Android) enables users to quickly and easily customize alert messages, assign multiple notification recipients, check usage level, view event logs, and adjust security settings on the go.

Because all device settings and configurations are securely stored in the xProxy Cloud, end users, original equipment manufacturer hardware engineers and application developers can connect from anywhere to the xProxy system. The feature-rich software platform and API is designed to give users complete control over every aspect of their xProxy solution, which means popular settings can be adjusted without having to touch the physical xProxy Link sensor.

“Our xProxy platform transcends the benefits of our WireRat technology to meet additional needs for mobile monitoring solutions in the agricultural industry,” says Net Irrigate CEO Eddie DeSalle. “The overarching value propositions of xProxy allow end-users to increase operational efficiency, reduce machine downtime and enable machine failure prediction. xProxy brings unprecedented simplicity to remote field monitoring. We look forward to continuing to advance mobile monitoring across a wide spectrum of applications and industries.”

DeSalle says xProxy is priced low enough to reflect an economic alternative to “recurring fixed cost” solutions, xProxy is available for commercial use and there are no monthly subscription fees associated with the xProxy Link device.

“We utilize the xProxy on our irrigation well that supplies water to four center pivots,” said xProxy user Austin Warbington of Vienna, Ga. “The xProxy is a huge time saver because as soon as we receive the alert that the well has shut off, we are able to switch the water over to the next pivot right away. This increases our efficiencies and eliminates down time in our irrigation operations.”

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