Keynote speaker announced for agriculture conference

Seedstock has announced that’ Pierre Sleiman, founder and CEO of Go Green Agriculture (pictured above, center), will deliver the keynote address at the 4th Annual Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture Conference – “Innovation and the Small Farmer” – to be held in San Diego in November.

This year’s conference, held at the University of California-San Diego, will explore solutions and methodologies that small farmers and entrepreneurs are developing to improve access to fresh and healthy food and generate new jobs against the dueling backdrop of a lingering drought and burgeoning local food marketplace.

The first day of the event offers a field trip where a limited number of participants will have the opportunity to tour a diversity of small farms in the San Diego-area from indoor hydroponic operations to sustainable field farms and urban agriculture endeavors. Sleiman’s hydroponic operations, as featured in a Seedstock article, are considered a model for the country to bring local food production closer to urban centers.

“Pierre is a young, bright, innovative entrepreneur whose tenacity propelled him to find a way to integrate technology with sustainable farming to grow healthier, higher quality food,” said Seedstock co-founder Robert Puro. “He is doing exactly that in Encinitas and, in turn, is changing the culture of small farming. He will deliver an very inspiring and highly informative keynote address.”

Sleiman commented: “I’m dedicated to accelerating the movement towards decentralizing agricultural production and distribution of safe and healthy fruits and vegetables in the United States and later other countries. I believe my role is to integrate information systems technology with greenhouse automation and hydroponics to develop a system that will allow farming to become more integrated into urban living and therefore create a more sustainable, local and safer food supply.”

Sleiman’s goal is to be the first national farming company with a network of small farms that grow and sell produce locally with a brand that is strongly recognized by consumers as ultra-healthy, premium-quality produce. He envisions a farm on the outskirts of every town that grows several healthy fruits and vegetables and only serves its local community. The realization of this concept would reduce the need of cross-country or international transportation that costs money, shelf life (time) and contributes to pollution with truck emissions.



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