Global futurist speaks on agriculture of tomorrow

“Future Trends in Agriculture” are topics that intrigue global futurist Jack Uldrich.

Uldrich, who recently wrote the article Feeding the World Without GMOs, says, “Regardless of how the GMO debate plays out, I am confident that innovative farmers and agri-businesses will rise to the challenge of feeding the world’s population.”

When he delivers his keynote, “Future Trends in Agriculture” to Informa Economics today in Bloomington, MN., Uldrich will discuss the cutting edge technological trends in agriculture that he believes will transform the industry.

Among the trends he believes will shift the industry are: “Continued advances in computing processing power, data storage, “Big Data,” robotics, sensors, the “Internet of Things” and satellite technology will continue to drive advances in prescriptive planting, precision agriculture, the global food supply chain management and water usage monitoring.”

“Alone,” Uldrich says, “each advance is only a part of the solution. Together, however, they constitute a formidable path to meeting the dietary needs of a growing world population.”


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