Deep Trekker unveils aquaculture drone

Canadian-based Deep Trekker has introduced a new underwater drone to help fish farmers and aquaculture specialists cut costs and improve operational efficiency and yields.

The remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) is said to be affordable, easy to transport and simple to operate, and can be used to carry out a range of aquaculture tasks including net inspection and feeding to routine monitoring and the removal of expired stock.

This comes at a time when global demand for animal-derived protein is growing, with aquaculture growing at an average annual rate of over 6%, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Global aquaculture is also set to overtake the capture of wild fish in total volume within the next 10 years.

Deep Trekker says the DTG2 could “transform” aquaculture operations by significantly reducing labour requirements and risks associated with many common aquaculture duties.

It features a 270° video camera to quickly inspect large areas of pens and a specially-designed mort retrieval tool.

In addition, it can be used in tandem with human drivers and technicians to assist with their work, whether by providing light while repairs are made or ferrying supplies from shore.

Deep Trekker also supplies ROVs for the oil and energy and infrastructure sectors, commercial salvage, military and marine surveying.

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