Bee Brick wins innovation award

Bee Brick, an aesthetic home for bees that doubles as a revolutionary building material, has won a public vote to select the UK Soil Association’s Innovation Award winner

Source: Soil Association

Following the Soil Association’s annual conference in October, an online vote was opened to the public, giving them a chance to weigh in on which product or idea they thought was most deserving of the prize. The winner has now been announced, and the manufacturer, Green & Blue’s, will be given £1,000 to help fund its future work with the Bee Brick.

Bee_block_2-482x643The Bee Brick has been developed to provide a nesting site to support the declining solitary bee population, and is designed to be an integral part of new-build projects as well as a stand-alone garden accessory. It sits alongside current green systems such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, with the dual function of being a construction material that also promotes biodiversity. The Bee Brick has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about building, by integrating environmentally friendly materials into conventional development projects.

Gavin Christman, co-founder of Green & Blue, said; “We’re all delighted to have won the award. As a company we are dedicated to more sustainable practices and the topic of habitat loss is one of great concern and a great driving force for us. We’ve spent a long time on the research and development of the Bee Brick, so to be recognised and rewarded for that is just fantastic. The award, coming from such a well-respected organisation, will also give us real credence when launching to the commercial sector. We are delighted and would like to thank everyone who voted for us.”

Green & Blue is working with bio scientists, architects, planners, developers, designers and manufacturers to create bee-friendly green areas. Bee Brick allows people to create bee habitats in their own back gardens. The Soil Association’s Keep Britain Buzzing and other national campaigns are working to ban bee-harming neonicotinoids and save Britain’s bees.

Tom MacMillan, director of innovation at the Soil Association, said; “The very reason we set up the Innovation Awards was to find and promote initiatives like Green & Blue’s Bee Brick. We couldn’t be more excited that such a fantastic idea has won, and we can’t wait to see what it does with the £1,000 prize money. Innovation is at the heart of what the Soil Association does, and it is a privilege to be able to support pioneering ideas like the Bee Brick and to see so many people join in by voting.”

The Bee Brick is available in three different sizes, ranging from £12 to £22. More information here.

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