AgriMarine System Tank delivers market-sized Steelhead salmon

AgriMarine has announced its first Steelhead salmon harvest from one of its tanks at its flagship farm in Lois Lake, British Columbia.

Source: AgriMarine

As the pioneer of solid-wall floating semi-closed containment technology for rearing fish, the company recently installed its proprietary technology at the farm in order to increase crop turnover and fish survival, and improve feed conversion ratios (“FCR” is defined as measure of an animal’s efficiency in converting feed mass into increased body mass).

The company reports that the fish in the AgriMarine System tanks are growing faster and performing better than those reared in the lake net-cages.

In this regard, the Company reports the preliminary results of a comparative study of a group of fish raised in a net cage versus another group raised in the AgriMarine System tank:

  • Specific growth rate – increased by 8 percent in tanks, which means larger fish in a shorter period
  • Survival rates (observed over the six month period) – 96 percent in tank vs 70 percent in cage, owing to the environmental controls that are integral to AgriMarine’s tank technology
  • Significantly lower Economic FCR (“eFCR” includes fish that did not make it to market), due to higher survival and growth rates

“The introduction of this advanced technology has brought a new level of sustainability to our farm and is a clear accelerator for our business”, said Bill Vandevert, Farm Manager at West Coast Fishculture. “We have seen a substantial increase in harvest size and survival rates in the tanks, which will directly impact our bottom line”.

Sean Wilton, President and CEO of AgriMarine added, “We are pleased with the early results from our first harvest. On-site installation of two additional AgriMarine System™ tanks has now commenced. These tanks are scheduled for commissioning prior to the summer of 2015, in order to prepare for the high water temperature conditions that occur seasonally at this location.”

Canadian-based AgriMarine is a producer of sustainable fin fish. The company’s mission is to build a global portfolio of fish farms utilizing its clean rearing technology. AgriMarine Industries Inc. operates the Company’s Canadian and Chinese farming subsidiaries; its flagship farm, West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd., is the premier supplier of Steelhead salmon in British Columbia.

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