The Bio Product Processor – a portable refinery for the farm

The Bio Product Processor (BPP), developed by TCE Gofour, turns oil crops into high-quality (semi)-finished products for food and medical applications through use of an enzymatic process. The system also produces high-quality protein for feed applications. Besides this, also electricity and heat can be extracted from the Bio Product Processor. The remaining oil is transformed biologically by the Bio Product Processor into biodiesel APPO (Advanced Pure Plant Oil).

bbp1 Often the crops on farmland that contain oil, like rapeseed or canola, hemp, soy beans and jatropha, go through a decentralized process. These crops can be used as raw material for the Bio Product Processor without any need for preparation.

The technical development of the BPP links to earlier successful projects developed by TCE Gofour. These projects have formed the basis for the application of enzymatic processes, which form a fundamental part in the BPP modules.

Initially the BPP will focus on rapeseed as raw material for the enzymatic process, transforming it into pressed cake, APPO and glycerine. Soon we will include other agricultural products such as potatoes and beet. Future developments will include other alternative fuel sources like algae, sewer fat, animal fat and oil.

The BPP can also produce usable electricity and heat as a by-product. The BPP installation is based for convenience in a standard 20ft sea container; depending on the exact procedures required, the installation can be expanded by using other process containers. This gives a great amount of flexibility.


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