Solar drier solutions from Claphijo Enterprise

A solar drier is a device which uses the heat of the sun to reduce the moisture content of a product such as fresh fruit and vegetables. The Solar Energy Drier by Claphijo Enterprise  is a simple, low-cost technology that uses the heat of the sun to dehydrate fresh fruits and vegetables, and extend their shelf life. Claphijo Enterprise says the solar drier can reduce the moisture content of a product from 60% to less than 10%. It provides farmers with affordable solutions in order to help them address post-harvest losses, increase food security and income potential. It also enables them to promote the consumption of healthy snacks.

Ms. Clara Ancilla Ibihya is the founder and managing director of Claphijo Enterprise, established and registered in 2002 dealing with dehydration of fruits and vegetables. As a child she watched her mother dry fresh produce under the heat of the sun to extend the shelf life and prevent high amount of post harvest losses. This inspired her to create a technology to make this process easier and affordable for farmers all over Africa.

She will be presenting this innovation at GFIA Africa: 1-2 December, Durban, South Africa. For tickets visit

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