Google Glass for hands-free data entry and manipulation

IntelliScout is changing the idea of hands-free work in farming. IntelliScout is a dashboard console interface which links together crop data points using Goggle Glass and enables the user to accurately locate and tag crop isssues – visualising them hands-free and making site-specific treatments in real time. It can be customised to work with existing third-party precision agriculture platforms.

Closing the time-gap assessing crop performance to evaluate economic risk from pest infestations and disease, IntelliScout enables growers and crop consultants to precisely and accurately locate and tag crop issues, visualize them hands-free and make decisions for site-specific treatments…in real time.

IntelliScout is a wearable application currently designed for Google Glass.  It is a modular designed application; meaning it can be customized to work with existing, 3rd party precision ag platforms.  It can also be used in its stand-alone state.

IntelliScout includes a fully integrated dashboard web console for viewing, sharing, and managing data.

IntelliScout can …


  • Take a Field Note
    • Pictures
    • Video
    • Dictation


  • Review Recent and Archived Data
  • Share via private cloud or Google Enterprise platforms
  • Geo-tag content
  • Integrate climate data:
    • Wind
    • Precipitation
    • Humidity
    • Soil Moisture
    • Temperature
    • Forecast
  • Geo-reference map overlays of field data
  • Image recognition
    • Crop types
    • Select crop diseases, insects, genetic defects
  • Search content from mapped cloud database
  • Overlay or insert third-party data (maps, images, etc)


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