Discover the benefits of the Esoko farmer helpline

Esoko is a simple but powerful communication tool for businesses, projects, NGOs and governments to connect with farmers. Use any mix of our web and mobile apps, original agricultural content, and on-the-ground deployment services for your marketing, monitoring and advisory needs.

Esoko is a for-profit company with a mission to make agriculture a profitable business for smallholder farmers. Though we’ll geek out any day about supply chain efficiencies and organizational cost savings, we live for the human part of this work.

We love stories of our weather forecasts saving children’s lives when their parents know not to send them to school during a flood, of market price information building trust in marriages, and of the right extension information saving the farm – and a farmer’s family.

Esoko began as TradeNet in 2005, when our CEO travelled to Uganda with the encouragement of FAO to better understand how technology could improve communication with farmers.

Seeing that prices were being collected on a national scale but that the rural farmers who needed them didn’t have access, TradeNet was born as the technology solution to collect and share market prices via SMS. Later in 2005 TradeNet signed an agreement with USAID’s MISTOWA program to adapt the platform for use in a dozen countries.

In 2009, we renamed TradeNet to Esoko – the Swahili word “Soko” meaning market, the ‘e’ representing electronic. Being based in Ghana gave us an ear directly to the market, and we continued to add applications and field services as the years progressed. Esoko naturally grew into a broad set of tools that both businesses and projects can benefit from.


Esoko will be presenting this innovation at GFIA Africa: 1-2 December, Durban, South Africa. For tickets visit

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