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The new field of biomimetic vertical farming comprises biomimetic growing media and veganic (vegan organic) plant nutrients. It solves critical and crucial problems of indoor controlled environment agriculture (CEA), including warehouse farming, plant factories, aquaponics, hydroponics and organic urban microfarming.

The synergy of these two product streams solves the problems of mainstream hydroponics focusing on costly sanitation and disease avoidance over crop resilience, as well as use of chemical nutrients which are not sustainable.

Further, veganic farming is a new standard beyond organic as well as an ethical choice. It is free from waste byproducts from animal factory farms with its problems of heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones and even mad cow disease prions.

Another aspect of biomimetics is the cultivation of sweet, flavor rich and nutrient dense vegetables and fruits which can be scientifically quantified. Experimental trials have shown that difficult to grow and demanding plants thrive well in the growing media, while the functional plant nutrients result in sweeter microgreens.

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