Desert Aquaponic Company

Alternative or associated name: DAC
Website address: http://www.desertaquaponic.org
Email: desertaquaponic@gmail.com
Tel: +97 254 222 5917
Fax: n/a
Head office: Mizpe Ramon Israel

World food production needs to double by 2050; our pilot production unit indicates  that aquaponics is one of the technologies that can produce more from less. The mission of the Desert Aquaponic Company is to be a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of small units of aquaponic production (SUPA).

The target market is the small farmer in the developing world. The technology and procedures developed will also be applicable to large scale and corporate farming operations, some now beginning to accept the finite limits of the planets resources.

Production of fish and vegetables in our integrated aquaponic unit increases the profitability when compared to conventional agricultural production by about 25% ( from our pilot investigation). This is accounted by:

  • Reduction of water usage (for the vegetables’ transpiration alone) in excess of 75%
  • The near complete elimination of vegetable fertiliser use
  • The production is organic and there are no artificial pesticides,  only biological pest control
  • Reduction of the energy required for filtration of the fish water (the plants act as the main filter for water quality)
  • Utilisation of otherwise non-agricultural and desertified land
  • Reduced capital expenditure in the unit of production when compared to conventional intensive systems of fish and vegetable production
  • Potential for local sale and distribution with harvest on demand, reducing waste , energy and giving the farmer more.

Components include  greenhouses , tanks and canals, pumps, solar and other alternative energy drivers and filtration units. The company will provide a modular unit and a turnkey service supplying fingerlings and plantlings for the production, biological pest control, training and support services.

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