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Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company

DADTCO is a unique private sector company which combines private entrepreneurship with a social vision.

DADTCO has a wide experience working with farmers in the developing world, supplying them with agricultural inputs, and selling their produce in domestic and export markets. Building on this experience DADTCO develops innovative technologies and business models for commercial development of crop processing.

The most important activity of the company is its integrated approach towards agricultural development. DADTCO together with its partners covers the whole cassava value chain, from agricultural production with smallholder farmers, input supplies, cassava processing and the marketing of the final product in local and international markets. DADTCO also participates in the ventures they propose, always through majority equity participation and by providing senior management.

DADTCO has its headquarters in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in Nigeria, Mozambique and Ghana. The company is supported by a small group of investors; today its shares are divided amongst 55 private individuals (Africans as well as Europeans).

Alternative or associated name: DADTCO
Website address:
Tel: +31 85 489 2170
Fax: n/a
Head office: Dordrecht Netherlands

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