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Agriculture and climate change in the GCC countries

Environmental Cost and Face of Agriculture in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: Fostering Agriculture in the Context of Climate Change Shahid, Shabbir A., Ahmed, Mushtaque (Eds.) Springer, €118.99 eBook, €139.99 hardback This collection of papers outlines success stories from countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Oman …

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Higher income, healthier soil: Kenyan farmers capitalise on soybean

In Kenya, soya is proving both a lucrative commercial crop and a remedy for tired soils. A thousand farmers from Mumias District in Western Kenya were first introduced to the leguminous crop by CIAT researchers carrying out soil analysis and soya trials in 2006 – since when production has boomed. …

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Small and Growing: entrepreneurship in African agriculture

This advocacy report demonstrates how investment in rural and food sector entrepreneurship in Africa can achieve sustainable food and nutrition security for the continent and significantly contribute to Africa’s rural and economic growth. Source: Agriculture for Impact Entrepreneurship is rooted in small farm agriculture, but it needs pro-active policy design …