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Healthier soils will give us – and the planet – a healthier century

The dirt beneath your feet is teeming with life. In any given tablespoon of soil, there may be more than 50 billion microbes – bacteria, fungi, nematodes, mites, and more. Ninety percent of all the organisms on earth live underground. In a handful of healthy soil, there is more biodiversity …

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New book surveys global importance of soil carbon

To coincide with World Soil Day , CABI is publishing Soil Carbon – a book that brings together the essential evidence and policy opportunities regarding the global importance of soil carbon for sustaining Earth’s life support system for humanity. Source: CABI Soil Carbon is published at a time when the …

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Advances in soil carbon could be the key to improving food security and water quality

An international consortium of scientists have identified advances in improving soil carbon management which could be the key to addressing serious global challenges affecting millions of people. Source: Rothamsted Research The Global Advances in Soil Carbon Management recommendations, which have been compiled by a team of international scientists, could have …

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Alternative or associated name: Website address: Email: [via website] Tel: +44 20 348 80264 Fax: Head office: Cookham, UK UAVs provide a cost-effective opportunity to gather essential data for precision agriculture. Areas which benefit from UAV use: – Estimation of biomass, crop growth and food quality – Fertilizer and …

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ShadowView Foundation

Alternative or associated name: Website address: Email: Tel: +31 642 299 727 Fax: Head office: Rotterdam, Netherlands Shadowview is the first charitable organisation in the world to use drones on conservation and humanitarian projects. We enable other organisations to benefit from our expertise, operators and technology systems and …

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Planet Horizons Technologies SA

Alternative or associated name: Website address: Email: Tel: +41 27 480 30 35 Fax: +41 27 480 30 36 Head office: Sierre, Switzerland PHT is a Swiss-based company that is at the forefront of physical water treatment technology. Present in many economic sectors, PHT has focused in recent …

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International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology

Alternative or associated name: ICIPE Website address: Email: Tel: +254 20 863 2000 Fax: +254 20 863 2001 Head office: Nairobi, Kenya Established in Kenya in 1970, icipe recognises that the mainly developing countries in the tropics had special problems that were not being adequately addressed by scientists …

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Gulf Perlite LLC

Alternative or associated name: Website address: Email: Tel: +971 56 123 5248 Fax: Head office: Dubai, UAE Gulf Perlite LLC manufactures and supplies one of the world’s premium expanded Perlite for Agricultural, Hydroponics, Constructional & Cryogenic applications. Our state-of-the-art factory in Techno Park, Jebel Ali serves the entire …

An agroforestry parkland in Saponé, Burkina Faso. Photo: Aida Bargués Tobella/SLU
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Trees function as water harvesters in African drylands

Tree cover works well for water retention in African drylands – but the right tree density is needed for best results, and there are pitfalls in extrapolating findings  from temperate regions to tropical ones. Author: Daisy Ouya. Source: Agroforestry World Native trees that dot African dryland areas bring a welcome …

Narrowing the rice yield gap
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Narrowing the rice yield gap in East and Southern Africa

Rice plays a pivotal role in household food security and national economies in sub-Saharan Africa. But the productivity of smallholder farms is already low; and it is threatened by climate change, water shortage and soil degradation. Authors: Nhamo Nhamo, Jonne Rodenburg, Negussie Zenna, Godswill Makombe, Ashura Luzi-Kihupi. Source: Agricultural Systems …