Sharing knowledge and experience to tackle salinity
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Sharing knowledge to tackle salinity

Many past solutions to manage salinity merely moved the problem downstream – or from the field to regional scale. A knowledge base developed by ICARDA and partners, under two global CGIAR Research Programs, helps planners address salinity problems simultaneously at the different scales. Source: ICARDA The build-up of salts in …

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Success story for salinity tolerance: unravelling the molecular mechanisms

The problem of plants cultivated in soils with high salinity is the concentration of toxic ions in the root zone, affecting water uptake and transpiration. An experiment at ICBA suggests a genetic component in reaction to salinity. Authors: Khaled Masmoudi, Henda Mahmoudi, Rajeswari Somasundaram, Neeru Sood. Source: Biosalinity News Vol …

Screening S. bigelovii genotypes at the ICBA research station in Dubai
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Dwarf glasswort for saline agriculture

Searching for the salt-tolerant solution: a promising halophytic species for coastal regions The world needs a 70% increase in food production to meet the demands of the estimated 9.1bn population in 2050, yet each minute 3 ha of currently arable land becomes unproductive due to salinization. Finding a salt-resistant crop …