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The grow-anywhere soilless solution

Mebiol has invented a sustainable agro-technology that can effectively replace soil; demonstrably it enabled farmers to grow high quality vegetables safely even in soil-free locations places like deserts, concrete floors and seriously contaminated land where conventional farming is impossible. During 2009, Mebiol successfully grew sweet tomatoes in the UAE to …

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The R&D farmlet

So, you have an idea for improving agriculture. Where can you test it? Source: Rothamsted The Farm Platform is a unique set-up, three different working ‘farmlets’ for testing agri-environmental ideas with state-of-the-art instrumentation in hydrologically isolated fields. The Farm Platform provides a Research Hotel for agri-environmental research, attracting researchers from …

Greenhouse Interior at the National Botanic Gardens
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Water purification alternatives for greenhouses

What’s the best way to remove impurities in irrigation water for greenhouse horticulture? Research by the Platform Duurzame Glastuinbouw (‘Sustainable Horticulture Platform’) at Wageningen UR has shown that three water purification technologies are capable of removing 80-100% of crop protection agents present in greenhouse horticulture drainage water. These technologies can …