The Future Agriculture portal was born out of a simple idea – to pull together all the information relating to the future of farming.

In practice we apply editorial judgements about relevance and suitability, and we do emphasise the practical (although we cover research projects and blue-sky ideas, we prefer to list innovations and techniques that can be deployed more or less immediately). Our ultimate aim: to show how game-changing ideas and technologies can feed the world’s rapidly growing population.


We scan over 100 regularly published newspapers, magazines and online publications including numerous blogs, and we receive less regular information in the form of press releases. Our editor selects the material we include in the portal’s news section and we may edit or summarise the material to fit our readers’ requirements and our style guidelines.

The Directory

We list all the players we regard as relevant – including suppliers of products and services, financial institutions and investors who specialise in the agricultural sector, NGOs and research organisations, trade associations and other groups. We provide contact information and summarise each entrant’s activities. (If you feel that an organisation should be listed and isn’t, please contact us here.)


The most important section of the portal describes novel ideas, techniques and technologies that we regard as capable of changing the face of agriculture – perhaps at the local level of the family farm, perhaps on an international scale. We are always looking for nominations for entries; send suggestions to the editor here.

The Future Agriculture portal is a free resource, owned and managed by Turret Media FZ LLC. Turret Media is a publisher and events organiser based in the UAE; its portfolio includes the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, and the Future Agriculture portal aligns with that award-winning exhibition and conference.